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HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha is an affordable health insurance plan providing comprehensive healthcare cover for you and your family. The Health Suraksha plan lets policy-holders avail cash-less hospitalization in the extensive 9,000+ hospital network of HDFC Ergo. You can also claim reimbursement for expenses for medical treatments undertaken in non-network hospital. A common misconception among health insurance customers is that minimum 24 hour stay in the hospital is required for availing health insurance cover. HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha plan covers day care procedures also; overnight stay not a pre-requisite.

Key Features

  • All in-patient (requiring 24 hours stay in the hospital) treatments including room rents are covered. There are no restrictions on diseases for the treatment of which, insurance claims can be made (up to the extent of the policy cover / sum insured)

  • Pre-hospitalization expenses including doctor’s consultation fees, check-ups, prescription drugs etc are covered, provided they are related to the conditions leading to eventual hospitalization. HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha Plan provides full coverage of such expenses 60 days prior to hospitalisation

  • Post hospitalization expenses including doctor’s consultation fees, rehabilitation etc till 90 days after hospitalization

  • Coverage for 144 day care procedures (not requiring night stay) up to the extent of the sum insured

  • Emergency Ambulance costs are covered in this policy if the patient has received life threatening injuries

  • You can choose from a wide range of covers (sum insured) from Rs 25 lakhs to Rs 2 crores depending on your and your family’s medical needs

  • You can opt for either individual plan (only your treatment will be covered) or family floater plan (treatment of any family member will be covered). If 2 or more family members buy individual plans for themselves for any reason (there are certain medical circumstances for which buying individual plans may be more beneficial than family floaters), they will be eligible for a family discount of 10%

  • If you do not make a claim during a policy year, you will be eligible for no claim bonus. No-claims bonus refers to the benefits you can avail while doing the renewal of the policy if you have not made a claim in the previous year. Based on this, the insurer will increase the total sum insured of your health plan for every free year accumulating up to 50% of sum insured

  • You have the option of choosing different policy tenures - 1 year, 2 years or 3 years, depending on your needs. You can enjoy special discounts (10% or more ) on premiums for policies of longer tenures (more than 1 year)

  • You can start making claims after 30 days from policy inception (accidental claims can be made even before 30 days), except for certain diseases or conditions. For some specified diseases or conditions, there is a waiting period of 2 years and for pre-existing conditions (declared when you were filling the policy application) there is a waiting period of 4 years. Please note continuous policy renewals (premium payments) are required if you are to avail the insurance benefits for such diseases or conditions

  • There is no age limit for Health Suraksha Plan which makes this plan ideal for senior citizens in your family who may face difficulties when buying health insurance. The Health Suraksha Plan offers lifelong renewability

  • No medical check-up required for individuals below 45 years of age for policy issuance (provided pre-existing medical conditions are declared)

  • The Health Suraksha Plan covers outpatient (OPD) procedures. Dental procedures like extraction, fillings, root canal etc are covered up to 50% of the incurred expenses. It also covers ophthalmological (eye-care) devices like spectacles, contact lenses etc and ENT devices like hearing aids up to 50% of the incurred expenses

  • The plan will cover for domiciliary treatment incurred by the policy-holder for availing medical treatment at home which would otherwise have required hospitalization.

  • The plan ensures best-in-class global healthcare in case the treatment has to be taken outside India

Optional Benefits (subject to additional premiums)

  • Lump sum payout (sum insured) for critical illnesses

  • Daily cash allowance for in-patient policyholders

  • Automatic reloading of sum insured (including no claim bonus), in case it is exhausted during the policy year

  • Enhanced cumulative no claims bonus where the policy-holder will get accumulated bonus of up to 100% of sum insured

Why HDFC Ergo Health Suraksha Global Plan – Key benefits which make this attractive

  • World-wide coverage for hospitalization

  • Wide range of covers ranging from Rs 25 lakhs to 2 crores based on your needs

  • Lifetime cover irrespective of age (subject to you renewing your health insurance plan)

  • No maximum age of entry – ideal for senior citizens

  • Maternity cover from Rs 50,000 to 2 lakhs

  • No medical test up to age of 45 years

  • OPD cover including dental, spectacles, contact lenses, hearing aidsetc. and convalescence benefits (for hospitalizations exceeding 10 days)

Please contact your Eastern Financiers insurance advisors if you want to know more about this plan and its suitability for you and your family’s healthcare needs.

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