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Describe your knowledge of investment:

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When you invest your money, you are:

Step 3:

If the market lost 25% in the last few months, and your investments also suffered the same - what would be your first impulse?

Step 4:

Have you ever invested in shares or mutual funds? If yes,for how many years?

Step 5:

To obtain return of more then what you would receive as a bank fixed deposit,you must take risks.

Step 6:

How do react to the idea of investments?


1 Time Horizon (Years)

2 Risk

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Investment strategy

Portfolio Construction

Projected Returns of our Recommended Portfolio for you

Projected growth of Rs. Lumpsum over years.

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Projections are based on historical returns, therefore, actual returns may vary subject to market risks and cannot be guaranteed.

All projections are annual, compounded annually. Your investment till - Rs. . Expected Corpus in - Rs.

Historical Returns of our recommended portifolio for you

Historical growth of Rs. Lumpsum in the last 10 years.

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