Plan & Achieve your Childs education Goals

#Child Education

Let nothing come in the way of your child's learning, plan it well

Your child is
years old now he/she require Rs
at today's value after
years for his/her higher education.
Expected Rate of Return (%)
Inflation Rate (% per annum)
You can take
risk with your investments.

Plan & Achieve your Childs education Goals

Great! We will use the info to give you clarity on where you stand.
Goal maturity age
You have about

years of time to plan for your child's education
And for that, you will need to invest Rs

per month Or Rs

in a lump sum

per month or,

in a lump sum
You can expect your investment to earn around

% annual return

% Returns
You will need to save for Rs

which is the inflation-adjusted amount after

years. This corpus will help you meet his / her higher education cost.
You will need


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Goal Summary

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Future Worth
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